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We are currently doing take-away coffee and cakes, bacon and egg rolls, often a lunch offering on a Saturday of soup or chilli as well as Afternoon Tea boxes on certain dates (usually in conjunction with our ‘ Gig in the Garage’ events).  If you live in the Perthshire area or passing by and fancy a great cup of coffee and the best Carrot Cake in Perthshire (!) then please come and find us on the ‘DB Drive’ here in Clathy.

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Thursday 14,21, | Saturday 2,16 ‘Gig in the Garden’


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“Adventure in life is good, consistency in coffee even better” – Justine Chen

Did you know?

Johann Sebastian Bach wrote a short Opera in 1732 about coffee, The Coffee Cantata.

Ludvig Van Beethoven took his coffee with exactly 60 beans per cup.

Benjamin Franklin held political meetings, played chess and even instructed his sister to direct his mail to his favourite coffee shop when in London.

Voltaire to this day may still be the most avid coffee addict in history, consuming up to 50 cups of coffee a day and potentially being the originator of todays Mocha with his much loved chocolate – coffee mixture which his Doctor warned would kill him.  He lived to a ripe old age of 83.

Soren Kierkegaard,the Danish philosopher, took his coffee with 30 cubes of sugar in every cup.

However you take your coffee, we aim to deliver a delicious and consistently brewed cup, every time.  Great quality beans forming the foundation of what we serve.

What ever your event, we aim to provide a truly wonderful experience.

‘Grounds’ for new beginnings

From military trailer to coffee trailer, Defender Blender was conceived from the love of Landrover Defenders, coffee and the desire to get ‘out and about’!

Sat in a office for over 20 years drinking coffee, we decided it was time to share our love of the dark liquid with like minded people, grab the opportunity of spending time out doors whilst meeting lots of new people across lots of exciting events.

Having visited numerous conversion companies up and down the country we thankfully, through a random phone call to a gas engineer, heard about Dougie Lawrie of Lawrie Fabrication – just up the road!   Not so keen to cut into our beloved Landy, a genius idea was suggested…

Off we went to Grantham to collect our ex MOD Army Penman trailer – Dougie had promised us it would make the perfect coffee trailer! As soon as we saw it we knew we were on to a winner. Designed right from the start to emulate the back of our classic Defender 110, with its smooth round lines and solid base we left Dougie to crack on…

We now have what we think is a fabulous and quirky looking coffee trailer that will fit smartly alongside any event.  We have a few ‘extras’ up our sleeve to offer as part of your event requirements so please, get in touch with us and lets chat coffee – food – music!

“Big thanks to Defender Blender for attending our event at Montrave.  Fantastic quality and even better service.  Highly recommend, ideal for outdoor events.”
“It was great to work with the Defender Blender Team. They supplied delicious coffee and cakes at an event held on our land”
“The Defender Blender experience at our event was spectacular.  Great live music from Andy, tailored to our request.  A perfect evening.  We have already booked them for our next event”

“The team are easy to work with, friendly and approachable. All coffees and hot drinks where greatly received and the team always kept up with the queue. We can’t wait to have Defender Blender back at Bowhouse soon”


It is essential that, in order to deliver this delicious and consistent coffee every time, we choose nothing but the highest quality beans.  After a lot of searching and tasting we were delighted to come across Jamie and Rowan at Glen Lyon Roasters, here in Perthshire.  This is were we source our fabulous Red Stag Espresso beans and which delivers you the fabulous depth of flavour coffee drinkers have come to expect.

(pssst, we also knock up a pretty fabulous Zuma hot chocolate or brew a quality Brew Tea Co. cup of tea if you prefer)


We have a passion for good food and work in partnership with some award winning Chefs to provide the perfect, one stop bowl of scrumptiousness.  Depending on your event, we can provide anything from a spicy curry to a creamy mac ‘n cheese to a hot jalapeno chilli.

Our homemade cakes go down a storm so if you fancy something sweet with your coffee or cuppa tea then try the best Carrot Cake ‘ever’, Sticky Ginger, Lemon Drizzle or good old Chocolate Fudge.  We have been known for the quirky too so if you fancy a bit of Beetroot and Chocolate or Courgette and Lime then just say and we will make sure it is on the menu!


With over 30 years experience playing solo and in bands, and with a musical talent second to non on the sax and clarinet, Andrew will provide your party, celebration, wedding or corporate event, with the best sounding show in town.  

We will provide the whole set up, lights, Bose sound system, tailored playlists as well as live playing to special requests that will make your event just that bit more unique and memorable.  We have a large LED screen which is part of the set and can be used to show off photos from your wedding day, photos for that surprise 40th, 50th, 60th…, special messages, corporate videos or simply list the tunes that are coming up on the play list ready to dance to.

We are here to make sure you and your guests go away feeling properly entertained.


To discuss your requirements, please get in touch.  We would love to chat over what you are planning and how we can add value, as well as coffee, food and music, to your event.

e: hello@defenderblender.co.uk
m: 07946 602322
t: 01738 730310

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